What does it take to be an application architect?

I think that main thing that it takes is experience with building allot of different types
of systems or possible allot of experience in building

one type of system or application.

Most good architects I worked with are characterized
by following:
   – Smart
   – Experienced (10+ years)
   – Understand Business
   – Understand Software Development Processes
   – Understand Technologies
   – Not afraid to get down and dirty with code
   – Lost or in the process of loosing their hair
   – Have sleep problems, since they even dream of
     architecting applications
   – Mildly Crazy and tend to have closeted
     hobbies like (Harley riding, scuba diving,
     or heavy drinking )
So really, nothing can beat experience, but again  there are different types of applications and
different types of architects and different defintions for what architect is.

So the best thing to do would be (like previous writer stated) check how the company you are working for or want to work for qualifies someone as Application

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2 Responses to What does it take to be an application architect?

  1. Ashith says:

    First of all, you have to be self-righteously willingto criticize and reject your coworkers\’ code again andagain until it is \’correct\’. ;)But seriously, being an architect generally means thatyou are a senior developer who knows about, cares about, and can communicate the subtleties of software design both to other developers and to management. You can be responsible for high-level code designs(architecture), low-level coding standards, code reviews, and other aspects of software design. You are familiar with software engineering principles such as object oriented design, patterns, developmentprocesses, correct syntax, and whatever standards yourgroup uses. A typical task would be designing anapplication or component that other people willimplement.To work towards becoming an architect, learn about formal software design and development practices, get involved in reviewing and discussing software designs,and demonstrate that you care about well-designedcode.

  2. anil says:

    Dont take this architect business to seriously. Yes the architect is an important role but more often then not the real architect is the implementation team, end users, customers and other stake holders. Fact is technology is changing so rapidly that we just about come to terms with a new feature and its outdated. So n-years of experience boils down to just knowing the general issues and that comes with attempting to perform the architect role rather than n-years of experience. And most important no one should know what the hell you are talking about so that way they think you are a highly experienced and knowledgable person. Being able to do that takes real skill and smarts.And yeah do go scuba diving. That way no one wil find you when the apps crashes post release.

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