The BDOTNET Design Day….

The Design Day Events were well planned. A Day WELL Spent.

The Architecture session was an Eye Opener for few of the developer, who can draw their Career roadmap, based on the qualities of a Software Architect Given by an Wiproite. I think the Session made a lot of sense about the Architect’s role in a Product or Tools development Company. But I think the speaker should have justified the Architect role in a Consulting Services company. Becos I think Most of us have either worked or plan to work for a Consulting Firm.

The Architecture Event was not very relevant as most of the attendees were developers.

I think The Design Patterns session was too SHORT to be true. Damayanti Had a Lot of Things to present it to the Crowd. And The whole crowd was anticipating to get more info on all the patterns the session had on the Agenda. This was more informative than the First Session, becos the whole developer community was involved in understanding the Design patterns. I think this topic Needs more sessions.

NOTE: Also I would like to see the Application Blocks from MS being implemented in .NET 2.0, So that we can feel that a developer can seamlessly start writing Apps on .NET 2.0 and use the existing Application Blocks.


To End it All, A very brief session from OWEN Rogers was the best. What I could take HOME after the session was " I as a Developer Need not Sell the XP to my Team, I Can as well Practice it as a single developer to give quality Code to my Team.". I think It would have been great if he had shown a demo using NAnt, NUnit, Fxcop, Clearcase, CruiseControl.NET. Had he shown this, the people would have imagined the power of XP, that it brings to them

Owen gave a good overview of XP and Agile Methods, but I think i would have been great if he talked about the Deliverables which we will have when v Practice XP and TDD.

Overall the Day, I think MS should Host Such Sessions Very regularly.

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