Acronym Anarchy – Developers Acronym

Acronym Anarchy

ACT = Application Center Test
AD = Active Directory
ADO = ActiveX Data Objects
ADSI = Active Directory Service Interfaces
ANSI = American National Standards Institute
ASP = Active Server Page
ATL = Active Template Library
BCL = Base Class Libraries
BITS = Background Intelligent Transfer Service
BPC = Broadcast Architecture
BTS = BizTalk Server
CDO = Collaborative Data Objects
CIS = Commercial Internet System
CHTML = Compact HTML = Compact Hypertext Markup Language
CIM = Common Information Model
CLR = Common Language Runtime
CMS = Content Management Server
COM = Common Object Model
CRT = C Runtime Library
CS = Commerce Server
CSS = Cascading Style Sheet
CTS = Common Type System DHTML = Dynamic HTML = Dynamic HyperText Markup Language
DAO = Data Access Object
DBCS = Double Byte Character Set
DCOM = Distributed COM = Distributed Common Object Model
DHTML = Dynamic HTML = Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language
DLC = Database Template Library
DLL = Dynamic Link Library
DSO = Decision Support Objects
DTC = Distributed Management Objects
DTL = Database Template Library
DTS = Data Transformation Services
ECMA = European Computer Manufacturers Association
EDK = Exchange Development Kit
ETK = Embedded Toolkit
EVB = eMbedded Visual Basic
EVC = eMbedded Visual C++
EVT = eMbedded Visual Tools (Event Tracing)
FCL = Foundation Class Libraries
FFC = FoxPro Foundation classes
GDI = Graphical Device Interface
GIF = Graphics Interchange Format
GP = Group Policy
HIS = Host Integration Server
ICS = Internet Connection Sharing
IDL = Interface Definition Language
IE = Internet Explorer
IIS = Internet Information System
IL = Intermediate Language
IM = Instant Messenger/Instant Message
IME = Input Method Editor
IrDa = Infrared Data Association
ISA = Internet Service API = Internet Server Application Programming Interface
ISO = International Organization for Standardization
J2ME = Java 2 Micro Edition
J2EE = Java 2 Enterprise Edition
JAFC = Java Application Foundation Class
JDO = Java Data Objects
JIT = Just In Time (compiler)
JRO = Java Runtime Object
KB = Knowledge Base

LDAP = Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LSA = Local Security Authority
MAPI = Messaging API = Messaging Application Programming Interface
MASM = Microsoft Assembler
MCI = Media Control Interface
MDAC = Micrsofot Data Access Components
MFC = Microsoft Foundation Classes
MIS = Mobile Information Server
MMC = Microsoft Management Console
MMS = Microsoft Media Server
MOD = Microsoft Office Developer
MSAA = Microsoft Active Accessibility (also Microsoft Academic Alliance)
MSDE = Microsoft Database Engine
MSI = Microsoft Installer
MSDN = Microsoft Developer Network
MSMQ = Microsoft Message Queuing Server
MSVM = Microsoft Visual Modeler
MTS = Microsoft Transaction Server
NGWS = Next Generation Web Service
NLB = Network Load Balancing
NT = New Technology
OFC = Open Financial Connectivity
OSD = Open Software Description
OWA = Outlook Web Access
PDB = Program Database (I file extension)
PSDK = Platform SDK = Platform System Development Kit
SAPI = Speech API = Speech System Development Kit
SBSCS = Side-by-Side Component Sharing
SDO = Server Data Object
SMO = SOAP Messaging Object = Simple Object Access Protocol Messaging Object
SMS = System Management Server
SNMP = Simple Net Management Protocol
SPPLAT = Microsoft .NET Speech Platform
SSDK = Speech SDK = Speech System Development Kit
SSPI = Security Support Provider
StAX = Simple API for XML = Simple Application Program Interface for eXtended Markup Language
STL = Standard Template Library
TSQL = Transact-SQL = Transact System Query Language
VB = Visual Basic
VBA = Visual Basic for Applications
VBS = Visual Basic Script
VCM = Visual Component Manager
VFP = Visual FoxPro
VI = Visual InterDev
VS = Visual Studio
VSA = Visual Studio for Applications
VSIP = Visual Studio Industry Partner
VSM = Visual Studio Macros
VSTO = Visual Studio Tools for Office
MSVM = Microsoft Visual Modeler
W3C = World Wide Web Consortium
WAP = Wireless Access Protocol
WAS = Web Application Stress Tool
WCSDK = Windows Client SDK = Windows Client System Development Kit
WFP = Windows File Protection
WIA = Windows Image Acquisition
WML = Wireless Markup Language
WQL = Windows Management Instrumentation Query Language
WSH = Windows Scripting Host
WSS = Web Storage System
WTE = Web Telephony Engine
XML = eXtended Markup Language
ZAW = Zero Administration Windows

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