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Did You Know? – Birthday Parties

Did You Know? Birthday Parties The earliest birthday parties in history were held because people thought that evil spirits would visit them on their birthdays. They stayed close to their family and friends for protection. Later parties became social gatherings … Continue reading

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New disc to store one Terabyte of Data

Six leading technology companies have formeda consortium to make an optical disc that could storea few hundred movies. The Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) Alliance, whichincludes Fuji Photo and CMC Magnetics, will letconsumers conceivably put a terabyte (1TB) of data onto … Continue reading

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Bangalore Movie Halls Or Theatre Contact Numbers (No.)

Theatre Contact numbers Theatres Telephone Numbers PVR Cinemas 51100787 Urvashi 22220187 Cauvery 23361528 Swagath 26704935 Apsara 26704935 Ajantha 25514590 Sagar 22263180 Triveni 22871224 Naga 25551243 Pallavi 22223191 Tribhuvan 22261101 Abhinay 2287029 Nataraj 23444275 Innovative Multiplex 25225944 Santosh 22875344 Aparna 22876393 … Continue reading

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