Desktop Blogging – blogging from your Desktop

Desktop Blogging

A common question: Can I post from a windows application?
Answer: Yes

There is a feature rich service under development now. In the meantime, for simply posting you have two choices. There is a simple web service available at If you use NewsGator, there is a plug-in (look at the aspnetweblog section) available for you here.

The second choice, is the MetaBlogApi. There are a couple of applications that currently support this api. The two most popular (in my book) are wbloggar and Newzcralwer. A sample set up for wbloggar would be:

  1. Download from
  2. Install.
  3. Enter your blog credentials

  4. Enter your blog settings

  5. Enter more blog settings

There is also a plug-in available on which will enable you to post from SharpReader (or even RSSBandit) to your blog.

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