Micro-COCOMO an Excel Tool for doing project estimates

Micro-COCOMO an Excel Tool for doing project estimates

COCOMO is a time tested method for estimating projects. A “modernized” version is available as an MS Excel application on the downloads page 

Some notes:

1. Like all estimating tools, the results depend on what is given to it. GIGO.

2. The ‘1. Sizing Worksheet’  tab allows you to take function point analysis or a design document and convert functionality to ‘lines of code’. This process works best when existing projects are taken and run through COCOMO adjusting the ‘sizing multipliers’ (in light blue) and the ‘COCOMO CLEF Modifiers’ on  ‘2. COCOMO’ tab until your projects schedule fits the calculated one.

3. There after carefully running finished projects back though COCOMO is a good idea to ‘tune’ it for furture projects.

4. What is a good result? The project scheule and effort +/- 10% is good and +/- 5% is great. In a perfect world, your COCOMO will over estimate more then it underestimates.

A word of disclaimer. No tool maker can be held responsible for the results gotten. These tools are far too easy to mis-use.

I strongly reccommend reading Boehm’s book and matching COCOMO with another method like ‘Wide Band Delphi’.

Look for periodic updates on the site.

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