Easter Island Moai Lesson from History

I was always facinated with Easter Island statues (Moai), because of the mystery behind it origins. But today in the Live Search wallpaper and and searching for the truth, I’ve queched by curiosity of this misterious island.
This island is a special territory of Chile. This was once habitated by Hotu Matua and has seen epidemic, Volcanic erruptions and other calamities. Withstanding all these are the Moai (Statues) on this island. why the Moai were constructed is a mystery,
where it happened
In island, where the soft volcanic rocks, the craftsmen carved it for some rituals in a mass production areas 
and to a large degree how it happened is fairly clear. you can read the unravelled mystery of this island on


The competition of building the best and largest Moai made the Island – deforested. and then Confilct between the different Clans rose.
The symbols of the islanders’ power and success, the moai, were toppled.
On an island as small as Easter, it was easy to see the effects of the deforestation as it was taking place. But the inhabitants continued their destructive actions.
The lesson from the history is that
Will we have the sense to change our lifestyles with the well-being of our environment, or is the human personality always the same — as that of the person who felled the last tree?
each of us need to do mundane things in our daily life to "save the Planet":
1. Save and use Water cautiously.
2. Use Paper sparingly
3. minimize use of Plastic carry bags
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