Windows Live Team’s Annoucements

The Live Team has made some considerable enhancements to the current available services like or –> easier and Kool way to share your huge files, MP3, Photos with friends and Family. or – Kool and slick design, for faster emailing, and other email tasks – better tool to manage your contacts from OutLook, Yahoo, Google and Others – create, Invite, manage and attend events, birthdays, parties and Holidays. – amazing blog engine. – try this Online and IM Client. you can do a lot of stuffs live sharing photos, videos, shared browsing of Sites, Video conferencing and Voice Chat.
Also, try the Windows Live Call beta for economical way to make PC to Phone calls to anywhere in the world Phones. especially, it is cheaper to call india it is USD 5 Cents per min.
In addition, Microsoft is using the plugin to deliver the Windows Live Team’s new photo application ( and video communications application (  — stop leaving voice messages to people. Try the new and Alpha Cool way to send Video messages to ppl. it all possible with a Web Camera and a Microphone…
as well as the new MSN Toolbar, Install it and see the WOW factor.
the WOW Factor doesn’t end there….. Lots of Mashups possible with popfly … Keeep Innovating with these Web 2.0 tools.
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