Installing Windows 7 using Virtual PC 2007

Installing Windows 7 on Virtual PC 2007..

Get Excited… Hope Windows 7 opens a life without walls…… Hot

Download Windows 7 beta from here. Save the .ISO file on your computer. Then Start Virtual PC 2007 > Click on "new Virtual Machine Wizard" > click Next on the welcome screen

Select Create a virtual machine > enter the new virtual machine – "Windows 7" save it on your machine > In the Operating System screen – Select "Other" from the Operating System then click next > In Memory Screen – select "adjusting the RAM" and then type 1024 MB > click on next.

On Virtual Hard Disk Options Screen  – select "A new Virtual Hard Disk" >On the Virtual Hard Disk Location – select the folder location > In the Virtual Hard Disk Size – keep the defaults as it is (minimum required is 6000 MB). Click Next > and then Finish.

Also.. keep the Product Key you got when you downloaded the Windows 7 beta from the link.

Start the above created Virtual Machine and In the Virtual Machine Window CD Menu > Capture the .ISO file option and select the ISO File you downloaded from the above link. Then Reset the machine by going to Action > reset.

Once reset it will use the .ISO Image to boot up.. Volla…. Now you are all set to install the most anticipated Windows Operation System – Windows 7.

Follow the instruction in the below video

And in Less than 30 mins you are done… The new Windows 7 is blazing fast and IE 8 is amazing. 

In your windows 7 virtual Machine > do not forget to set the network settings to your NIC adapter or your Wireless LAN Card.

Now you have the power of Windows 7 and Internet…. Have Fun and give your feedback to by clicking on any of the "send feedback" link in the any of the Windows 7 windows.

Have a great Windows Experience.

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