7 click setup of Windows 7 Machine

The entire installation is of Windows 7 x64 bit was a breeze with just 7 mindless clicks. I think even my mom can setup a new windows 7 PC in less than 20 mins.

All you need to do is grab the Windows 7 RC x64bit and/or x32bit from here. the RC is free to try till June 2010. don’t forget to make a note of the windows 7 RC Product keys during the download and registrations process on Windows 7 RC download site.

Download the windows 7 RC bits before June 2009 directly from windows 7 RC site.

burn to a DVD, backup and Clean up one of your Hard disk drives, restart and boot the system with DVD. Install the Windows 7 on to the empty drive.


Thats it, then from here on mindless 7 Next > Next > … clicks and you are done with the whole setup.

check my old post video on how to setup windows 7 VPC, similar steps to follow and in 20 mins or less you have a whole new windows 7 systems up and running for you.

Don’t forget to run windows update after the whole setup, this will update all your drivers seamlessly.

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