Upgrade and Migration of BizTalk 2006/R2 to BizTalk 2009


BizTalk Runtime upgrade

BizTalk Runtime upgrade approach should be used for upgrading the BizTalk 2006 and BizTalk 2006 R2 server(s). Use the BizTalk 2009 installation to perform the upgrade of BizTalk 2006 and BizTalk 2006 R2 server installation files to BizTalk 2009 runtime. This approach will upgrade the BizTalk server software files and BizTalk databases. This approach should be taken on servers having no Visual Studio installed.


1. Stop all the BizTalk Services.

2. Backup all BizTalk Databases.

3. Ensure MS .NET 3.5 with SP1 is installed on the server(s).

4. Apply the Service Pack 2 to the Windows 2003 Server (R2).

5. Apply Service Pack 3 to SQL Server 2005 or Service Pack 1 to SQL Server 2008.

6. Perform the Upgrade using the BizTalk 2009 Installation media.

Known issues: BizTalk Tracking DBs upgrade has some issues. Before upgrade take a backup of BizTalk databases especially BizTalkDTADb and BAM DBs.

BizTalk Solutions upgrade

BizTalk Applications/solutions upgrade approach is for updating the BizTalk solution projects. The BizTalk solutions upgrade is performed using the Visual Studio 2008 upgrade wizard. This approach should be performed on development environments only.


1. Install Visual Studio 2008 with SP1.

2. Install SQL Server 2005 with SP3 or Install a local instance of SQL Server 2008 with SP1.

3. Install/upgrade BizTalk 2009 on the development Machine.

4. Install/upgrade BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0.

5. Get the latest Source Code from TFS 2005 / TFS 2008 repository.

6. Use the Visual Studio Solution upgrade wizard to migrate all the solution source code project files to Visual Studio 2008 and BizTalk 2009 Project Type.

7. Create new BizTalk2009 Team Project and check-in the migrated code.

Note: OS can be either Windows Server 2003 R2 with latest Service Pack or Windows Server 2008. In both cases, IIS features of the OS have to be installed with WSS 3.0 SP2.

BizTalk Adapters upgrade

BizTalk adapters upgrade approach is for updating the BizTalk Adapter Pack 1.0 runtime and Schemas. Use the BizTalk Adapter migration wizard to upgrade BizTalk Adapter Pack 1.0 runtime and customized adapters solution files.

BizTalk deprecated features.

EDI base adapter

With the release of BizTalk 2009, the EDI base adapter in BizTalk 2006 is deprecated. After you perform the upgrade of BizTalk EDI solutions, test the BizTalk EDI base adapter based solutions and check for incompatibility in the EDI Schemas and versions.

BizTalk Human workflow Based solution and runtime

With the release of BizTalk 2009, the BizTalk 2006/R2 human workflow services feature is deprecated. In BizTalk 2009 human based workflow are enabled using BizTalk WSS 3.0 adapter and WSS 3.0 sites.

Setup BizTalk development environment


1. Windows 2003 R2 with SP2, SQL 2005 with SP3, IIS 6.0, WSS 3.0 with SP2, Visual Studio 2008 with SP1, and BizTalk 2009 with BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0. Note: ensure .NET 3.5 SP1 installed.

2. Windows 2008 with SP1, SQL 2008 with SP1, IIS 7.0, WSS 3.0 with SP2, Visual Studio 2008 with SP1, and BizTalk 2009 with BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0. (Recommended to build an new virtual machine).

Note: source code can continue to be hosted in TFS 2005 or migrated to TFS 2008.

Setup BizTalk build environment


1. TFS 2005 as source control and modify the existing build scripts.

2. TFS 2008 as Source control. Migrate the code base to TFS 2008 Team Projects. Create new build scripts to include new unit test cases, get latest source code from TFS 2008 to build, create code check in policies, and test the deployed BizTalk application with Visual Studio 2008 BizTalk Testing tools.

Testing BizTalk solutions

1. Check WCF Adapter based solutions for incompatibility.

2. Check all the applications.

3. Testing the exception handling blocks in all the orchestration.

4. Testing EDI solutions on BizTalk 2009

5. Testing BAM solutions on BizTalk 2009.

6. Test all SAP interfacing projects after migrating Runtime and Source code.

7. Test all the HL7, RosettaNET and other accelerator based solutions with appropriate BizTalk 2009 accelerators installed and accelerator files upgraded.

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