PDC09 Annoucements – Biztalk 2009 R2


Can’t wait to get my hands on BizTalk 2009 R2 changes / enhancements after the demo video from PDC .
See the video here

The mapper gets a complete overhaul with help from Microsoft Research.

Top Features / changes / enhancements/ Productivity Improvements
– Relevance Tree
– Auto Scroll – Click on the map node or functoid,  and the map would scroll itself to the respective nodes.
– Gray out out of focus links ( reduce clutter )  –> this one will make my life easier

Clicking on a node would highlight the related associations (Reduce clutter) –> I had requested this feature for BTS 2009.. Thanks Microsoft you have listened.
– Move functiods to other Pages –> this one tooo..
– Search – for tags within the map: “Loop” would highlight the filtered nodes and functoids.
– VS 2010 integration –> awesome finally Microsoft will bring BTS developers to use the latest and greatest VS2010 tools.
– new out-of-the-box FTPS adapter
Adding hosted workflows in BizTalk
for screenshots of the above features go here 
Many more features in BTS 2009 related to WF, WCF and AppFabric… Watch Microsoft PDC 09  VideoClick Here

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